Well, my summer has been really boring and I've done absolutely nothing. I'm moving back to Nottingham for my 3rd year of uni at some point next week which is very scary considering I don't feel like I've learnt anything in the last 2 years- wish me luck!

Tshirt- Topshop, Leggings- River Island, Shoes- Topshop, Necklace- Primark


My perfect outfit

for any day at the moment, basically it's pissing with rain and yet not actually cold.. nightmare. I'm loving peplums at the minute though, so much so that I already own this top- just everything else to get my paws on now!

Necklace & Ring- House of Harlow, Slippers- Sam Edelman, Peplum Top- Topshop, 7/8ths- Topshop

I've wanted these Sam Edelman slippers for ages but still don't own them:( HURRY UP LOAN! Oh yeah I have officially passed my 2nd year, I just need my 3rd year to hurry up so I can get a real job and buy everything I want!


SO much love

for Christine Centenera- I've only recently discovered who she is (shame on me) and am now pretty much obsessed with her style!

I didn't want to go through and pick my "favourites" so I'll let Instagram do the talking..


Watch the throne

Soo I finished uni last week and now I am unbelievably bored with all my friends back at home and nothing to bum around doing.. I'm stuck in Notts until late July to work 8 hours a week! Trying desperately to get another job at a bar (if anyone can put in a good word..) but til then I am listening to Watch the throne on repeat!

Primark grey dress. Pandora bracelet. Links bracelet. Cheap watch.


Ray Bans £114.99 - Zara bag £19.99 - Topshop Shoes £28.00 - ASOS owl shirt £35.00

This is my birthday list so far.. Despite summer being my favourite time of year not much has actually caught my eye at the moment, which is good because I am trying my hardest to save for a holiday. In other news it's my last day of my 2nd year at uni tomorrow which is pretty scary! Unfortunately I will be staying in Notts for much longer than I'd like becasue I can't get a transfer at work.


Sunny sunday

I've spent a huge amount of my time sleeping recently and now, today, I finally feel like I've caught up! Now I'm just trying to get my head around my final piece of uni work for this year: Repositioning CK Calvin Klein to appeal to Generation Y...


Good Friday

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So this is my first attempt at an outfit post basically because I have been super super busy the last 6(ish) weeks with interning in London and various other things. I have gained mucho perspective on the future and have decided my blog is a good way to express how I'm feeling and I generally do that with my clothing anyway!

Todays outfit is very lazy and is basically my cut off Levi shorts, H&M silver sparkly jumper and Primark plimsoles, ooh and my YSL rip off ring from Portabello market.. As it's Good Friday and I'm at uni I haven't really been doing anything (other than a house viewing at the far too early time of 1pm) so this is just a boring outfit.. hopefully they will get better! Also the weather is looking pretty grim so I'm just using that as an extra excuse.

Au Revoir


Working at Topshop is fatal

Someone lend me a cheeky £213 for all this?
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So I'm hoping

my spring/ summer wardobe is going to be pretty loosely based around these colours and styles. LOVE Meadham Kirchhoff- by far the best I've seen so far this year..
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Sam Edelman and Jeffery Campbell make the most beautiful shoes..


I wish:

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This is me all ready for drinks with the girls.. I mainly like it because you can see my dip-dyed hair pretty well!


Sequins and Sparkles

I know its a bit late but I thought I'd share the images from an online article by Fabulous.. I'm not sure if they were featured in the print version but I love the varied use of shutter speeds to capture the movement of the fairground. It also appealed to me because I love about 90% of the outfits styled by Lara Grayson..


Free People Jan 2012

In Free Peoples lookbook Jessica Hart epitomizes an Australian summer for me. I understand it was supposed to show LA and the palm tree one is definitely on track but I just can't seem to get over how perfectly the sun is shining and how healthy the model looks. The whole thing screams Free People to me which is not easy..

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I need a holiday. Now.

My Favourite Christmas Present..

Was definitely my gorgeous Michael Kors watch curtesy of my lovely boyfriend!


I am embracing plus size model Laura Wells looking beautiful in this swimwear shoot for Elle magazine:

Especially when comparing her to this sickly skinny model on ASOS..

Mila Kunis for Dior

Again I haven't blogged in ages but nothing has really caught my eye- and I have also been very bust over christmas etc..

Anway: Mila Kunis for Dior

What an amazing fusion?! I think that someone young, fresh and fun is really going to bring a classic brand like Dior straight into the 21st century. Its just what they need to help leave behind the darker days of 2011 (cough cough Galliano). I can't wait to see her catwalk debut later in the year but til then...

Busy busy busy/ Andrej Pejic

I havent posted in a little while mainly because I have been so busy with uni.. I am currently working on a 10,000 word report with a group of 5 of us and although its going pretty well its just soo time consuming. As well as uni I am working (Sainsburys) which seems to completely take over my weekends.

Anyway something/someone that has really caught my eye recently is the model Andrej Pejic. An Australian model who came to London to find a place in the modelling industry but was ultimately unsuccessful at a number of agencies as he lacked the masculinity that rules the male modeling industry. It was only when Carine Roitfeld decided to have him pose as a female for an editorial shoot that his career took off. Since then he has been successful with a number of high fashion houses walking for numerous designers during fashion week- both male and female. Anyway, although his unique look is what made me notice him it is the fashion industries "acceptance" of him that interests me. Andrej Pejic is the first male model (in my eyes) that leaves his gender up to the viewer. He is metrosexual and proud. He doesn't fit into anything we class as stereotypically normal- gay, straight- boy, girl- etc.. The fashion industry has has embraced his differences and I think its open the door for may more (literally) PRETTY boys to enter the modelling industry and blur the lines between male and female fashion. If its ok for a girl to wear a boyfriend cardigan why is it not ok for a boy to wear a girlfriend one?

“I guess professionally I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation”


Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Has done very well out of her little fling with Prince Harry and is now getting numerous modelling campaigns.. my favourite has got to be her most recent contract with Scottish knitwear brand Bora which we'll be seeing more of around Christmas in their campaigns and lookbooks. For now these pictures are lovely and make me feel all wintery.

I'm really regretting

Not getting a few of Topshop's Mary Katrantzou pieces this summer.. Since I first spotted her unique designs on the Topshop website I have slowly/silently noticed her go from strength to strength with her collections being heavily photographed and written about on numerous blogs. Her Grecian background really shows through in her bright aztec style prints- a trend that was massive this summer in its own right. Anyway the reason I'm writing this is really about her much anticipated collaboration with British brand Longchamp, which will be released in SS12:

The bright colours and busy patterns really breathe a breath of fresh air into a somewhat simple, plain brand with a huge following. I think this will do great for both brands. My favorite has got to be the first bag with whites and pinks.. perfect for next summer.


Superga is a pretty old brand but I'm not really familiar with it because I've never really viewed them as a "fashion" brand but that's all changed... Basically 100 years ago Superga began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles (whatever that means) which were called the Classic Superga 2750 and 100 years later BOOM here we are talking about shoes which haven't changed much in the last century.. except for the fact they have recently appointed the highly sought after Ms. Alex Chung to advertise the products and just like that: they're on the map.

I think this is a particularly interesting case because at uni a course that is pretty similar to mine has recently been given the task of expanding a functional brand eg Speedo into a fashion brand as well. This seems to be what is happening here and what simpler way than to appoint someone as fashionable as Alexa Chung?

Despite what I think of these Superga shoes she does an amazing job of making them look "cool" in this:


It wouldn't be a fashion blog without a post about an Olsen..

Haha fooled you.. well a bit. It's Elizabeth Olsen I'm talking about! It is a widely know fact that "the other two" Olsen's are ridiculously well dressed and just lucky but what about the other Olsens? Well I think they have a brother knocking around somewhere too but no one cares about him. Fortunately Elizabeth Olsen has finally reached my radar and she is undoubtedly as pretty as her older sisters and possibly with more talent. What a shame she seem's to have been missed whilst the rest of the world concentrate on her "wonderful" sisters.. here she is in a recent shoot for GQ.. Potential...?

I wanna be a billionaire..

yeah yeah yeah so does everyone, I know, but whilst listening to a few LiveLounge videos on youtube I came across this version on Billionaire by Professor Green and as I loved the original version (until it became so overplayed I hated it..) I now love this version:


A change..

Is as good as something new? Is that what people say? Well anyway I am in dire need of a few changes so my blog is the first thing to go.. I am loving dalmatian print at the minute.. I understand I'm a bit late picking it up but that's because I was pretty dubious at first but after my night out last night I saw someone rocking this bag:

And decided that dalamtion will be my winter print.. and that will be my winter bag (thanks topshop)

In other news I saw Ellie Goulding post this video on her twitter and absolutely love it.. I have never had much to do with Nike (or any sport in general) but I think this ad is pretty genius from them as it is inspiring to their current clientele as well as well as attracting millions of new customers and Fashion/Music/Ellie Goulding fans (like me). I love it.


Everyones talking about...

Olivia Palermo's new blog... that is not really written by Olivia Palermo at all.. anyway that is beside the point, when I was looking through some of "her" posts today I came across an amazing website called Stubbs & Wootton where you can find the most beautiful the shoes of the minute: slippers!! I have been lusting after this pair of lovelies from Dune for the last few days:

But they are nothing on the Stubbs & Wootton ones..

And theres even a section we you can create your own..

If only I lived in the USA and had a spare $400..