I haven't thought ellesse was cool since I was 8 years old..

But 12 years later ellesse seem to be doing something about that.. Old school sports brand ellesse have recently opened up a pop-up store with a coffee shop in London. The shop will be open until the 3rd Aug so I hope to be able to pay it a visit before it closes! They seem to be re-branding and trying to move away from the "sporty" brand image a la adidas and moving more towards vintage streetwear/skatewear similarly to Puma.. Sounds good to me..


Love these pictures of Olivia Palermo. She is a classic "it" girl with all the attitude of a real celeb. Despite her diva reputation shes manages to look beautiful, and to me, these look like beautiful contemporary versions of classic 70's clich├ęs.

Rihanna- The New Face of Emporio Armarni Undies..

Oh. Dear. Although I am a fan of Rihanna's music (ish).. she is not someone I want to associate with a luxury brand like Armarni. She is replacing Megan Fox- whose style I feel compliments the brand a lot more by being kind of dark and sultry. Rihanna should be doing something a lot younger and for a much edgier designer- maybe Thierry Mugler? Anyway there is certainly no denying she has the figure for underwear!

Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu..

These pictures were shot by Bruce Weber and styled by Joe McKenna.. and what a job they did. They are obviously so in-tune with each other its quite refreshing! I am slightly ashamed to admit that before seeing the pictures on StyleCaster I didnt actually know who Hailee Steinfeld was... Apparently she jumped into the spotlight after appearing in the film True Grit. Either way she obviously has a modelling career ahead as well as an acting career as she manages to look so cute and childlike in these images.. they are so simple- which is what is so unexpected from a brand like Miu Miu. Very well done- other designers.. take note.