YOU Inspire Magazine

I have only just got around to reading the magazine my nan sent me at the start of the week- YOU Inspire- I think it was free with the Sunday Times I think.. Anyway I started flicking though and was soo impressed with the look and layout and even the content of what is just a freebie with a cheap paper! Its nice to see the high quality editorials in the larger A3 size and I was surprised at the quailty of the journaism and how unique some of the products& brands featured were. I will definitely be asking my nan to send this up more often!

My favourite spread was called Oh so Sophie! and was about the beautiful actress/model Sophie Kennedy-Clark.. definitely one to watch for the furute..

Something else that I leart is about the Berkley in London, apparently famous for their Pret-a-Portea (tea served with cookies inspired by designers such as Dior and Alexander Mcqueen!) have a "Fashion Trunk"- a collaboration with the luxury online vintage store Atelier-Mayer which is basically a calf leather covered trunk with its drawers filled with vintage pieces from the 50's to the 80's by prestigious designers such as Lanvin and Chanel.. best of all it is availiable for guests staying in the feature suites- guests are allowed to wear/use anything in the trunk for that evening and- if the wish to purchase anything from the trunk..! Amazing!

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