Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Has done very well out of her little fling with Prince Harry and is now getting numerous modelling campaigns.. my favourite has got to be her most recent contract with Scottish knitwear brand Bora which we'll be seeing more of around Christmas in their campaigns and lookbooks. For now these pictures are lovely and make me feel all wintery.

I'm really regretting

Not getting a few of Topshop's Mary Katrantzou pieces this summer.. Since I first spotted her unique designs on the Topshop website I have slowly/silently noticed her go from strength to strength with her collections being heavily photographed and written about on numerous blogs. Her Grecian background really shows through in her bright aztec style prints- a trend that was massive this summer in its own right. Anyway the reason I'm writing this is really about her much anticipated collaboration with British brand Longchamp, which will be released in SS12:

The bright colours and busy patterns really breathe a breath of fresh air into a somewhat simple, plain brand with a huge following. I think this will do great for both brands. My favorite has got to be the first bag with whites and pinks.. perfect for next summer.


Superga is a pretty old brand but I'm not really familiar with it because I've never really viewed them as a "fashion" brand but that's all changed... Basically 100 years ago Superga began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles (whatever that means) which were called the Classic Superga 2750 and 100 years later BOOM here we are talking about shoes which haven't changed much in the last century.. except for the fact they have recently appointed the highly sought after Ms. Alex Chung to advertise the products and just like that: they're on the map.

I think this is a particularly interesting case because at uni a course that is pretty similar to mine has recently been given the task of expanding a functional brand eg Speedo into a fashion brand as well. This seems to be what is happening here and what simpler way than to appoint someone as fashionable as Alexa Chung?

Despite what I think of these Superga shoes she does an amazing job of making them look "cool" in this:


It wouldn't be a fashion blog without a post about an Olsen..

Haha fooled you.. well a bit. It's Elizabeth Olsen I'm talking about! It is a widely know fact that "the other two" Olsen's are ridiculously well dressed and just lucky but what about the other Olsens? Well I think they have a brother knocking around somewhere too but no one cares about him. Fortunately Elizabeth Olsen has finally reached my radar and she is undoubtedly as pretty as her older sisters and possibly with more talent. What a shame she seem's to have been missed whilst the rest of the world concentrate on her "wonderful" sisters.. here she is in a recent shoot for GQ.. Potential...?

I wanna be a billionaire..

yeah yeah yeah so does everyone, I know, but whilst listening to a few LiveLounge videos on youtube I came across this version on Billionaire by Professor Green and as I loved the original version (until it became so overplayed I hated it..) I now love this version:


A change..

Is as good as something new? Is that what people say? Well anyway I am in dire need of a few changes so my blog is the first thing to go.. I am loving dalmatian print at the minute.. I understand I'm a bit late picking it up but that's because I was pretty dubious at first but after my night out last night I saw someone rocking this bag:

And decided that dalamtion will be my winter print.. and that will be my winter bag (thanks topshop)

In other news I saw Ellie Goulding post this video on her twitter and absolutely love it.. I have never had much to do with Nike (or any sport in general) but I think this ad is pretty genius from them as it is inspiring to their current clientele as well as well as attracting millions of new customers and Fashion/Music/Ellie Goulding fans (like me). I love it.


Everyones talking about...

Olivia Palermo's new blog... that is not really written by Olivia Palermo at all.. anyway that is beside the point, when I was looking through some of "her" posts today I came across an amazing website called Stubbs & Wootton where you can find the most beautiful the shoes of the minute: slippers!! I have been lusting after this pair of lovelies from Dune for the last few days:

But they are nothing on the Stubbs & Wootton ones..

And theres even a section we you can create your own..

If only I lived in the USA and had a spare $400..


Gaga on Ross

Yes I'm a little bit late posting this but basically I forgot.. on Sunday 9th October Lady Gaga appeared on the Jonathan Ross show in a loveeely minty coloured PVC skirt suit. Its one of the first times I have seen Lady Gaga wearing something that looks relatively normal (and in this case really nice) but adding her own Gaga-esq twist (the PVC-ness)..

I love how matchy matchy the whole outfit is including the shoes and headpiece and I really think she makes it work.. afterall it is Lady Gaga. This is definitely my new favourite colour for winter because green is a wintery colour this is just a 2011 twist on the dull winter clothes I see year after year.. On a final note- and probably my favourite part of the whole look is her hair! I hated the really OTT bright blue she has had recently and this is a very on trend white/grey with hints of minty green in- only Gaga could pull this look off and I loveee ittt!

(also loving those heel-less boots!)


Eagerly anticipating..

Yes I am very eagerly anticipating the collaboration between H&M and Versace.. I came across these coupe of pictures today that made me even more excited.. it's due to hit stores in November and I'm just wondering if that's enough time for me to save enough to buy even one piece from it..

From looking at these its clear that the whole campaign is going to be huge as they've already got models of the moment Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson on board! The range will include both men's and women's pieces as well as some home accessories. H&M have said it: “will look back on the heritage of the brand, full of leather, print, colour and exuberance in exclusive materials,” H&M said. WOW I like the sound of that...



I saw this picture of Ashley Tisdale purely because it is her picture on Twitter and instantly loved this jumper! I think its a bit different to the navy and white stripy and aran jumpers that come in every winter and it was only when I was browsing someone else's blog that I found it was Wildfox.. Wildfox is a brand I've known about for a little (basically since those perfume bottle tees) and although I like the stuff I can't justify the prices for what is just a pretty basic t-shirt..

I was also pretty impressed when I saw a peace top on the Wildfox website that I think I brought the twin of for 14.99 from ARK:

above: Wildfox
Above: ARK

Gok Wan for TU at Sainsburys..

All I can say is WOW as I was suitably impressed with Gok Wans new collection for Sainsburys sub-par clothing label TU. As a Sainsburys employee (part-time..) I have always been pretty disappointed with their clothing because it always has an older feel to it and I think there could be a lot of potential money to be made if they increased the range that they cater for.. the quality i have always thought was a bit of an issue as well because them seem to use a lot of cheap feeling "stretchy" fabrics that I'm really not keen on.. Well anyway Gok seems to have hit the nail on the head by including garments that are wearable by a range of ages and also cater for a range of occasions. Here are my favourites:

In other news I am finally trying to put my twitter account into good use so please feel free to follow me to hear about my mundane life: @sunshine13691


Textiles Question..

What three words do you associate with textiles?

please send your reply in a comment..