A change..

Is as good as something new? Is that what people say? Well anyway I am in dire need of a few changes so my blog is the first thing to go.. I am loving dalmatian print at the minute.. I understand I'm a bit late picking it up but that's because I was pretty dubious at first but after my night out last night I saw someone rocking this bag:

And decided that dalamtion will be my winter print.. and that will be my winter bag (thanks topshop)

In other news I saw Ellie Goulding post this video on her twitter and absolutely love it.. I have never had much to do with Nike (or any sport in general) but I think this ad is pretty genius from them as it is inspiring to their current clientele as well as well as attracting millions of new customers and Fashion/Music/Ellie Goulding fans (like me). I love it.

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  1. Cute dalmation print bag! I haven't seen much things with this print, but I like it ;)

    Also loving the Ellie vid!