Superga is a pretty old brand but I'm not really familiar with it because I've never really viewed them as a "fashion" brand but that's all changed... Basically 100 years ago Superga began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles (whatever that means) which were called the Classic Superga 2750 and 100 years later BOOM here we are talking about shoes which haven't changed much in the last century.. except for the fact they have recently appointed the highly sought after Ms. Alex Chung to advertise the products and just like that: they're on the map.

I think this is a particularly interesting case because at uni a course that is pretty similar to mine has recently been given the task of expanding a functional brand eg Speedo into a fashion brand as well. This seems to be what is happening here and what simpler way than to appoint someone as fashionable as Alexa Chung?

Despite what I think of these Superga shoes she does an amazing job of making them look "cool" in this:

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  1. I LOVE ALEXAAA!! and the campaign is awesome! lovely blog! :D