Busy busy busy/ Andrej Pejic

I havent posted in a little while mainly because I have been so busy with uni.. I am currently working on a 10,000 word report with a group of 5 of us and although its going pretty well its just soo time consuming. As well as uni I am working (Sainsburys) which seems to completely take over my weekends.

Anyway something/someone that has really caught my eye recently is the model Andrej Pejic. An Australian model who came to London to find a place in the modelling industry but was ultimately unsuccessful at a number of agencies as he lacked the masculinity that rules the male modeling industry. It was only when Carine Roitfeld decided to have him pose as a female for an editorial shoot that his career took off. Since then he has been successful with a number of high fashion houses walking for numerous designers during fashion week- both male and female. Anyway, although his unique look is what made me notice him it is the fashion industries "acceptance" of him that interests me. Andrej Pejic is the first male model (in my eyes) that leaves his gender up to the viewer. He is metrosexual and proud. He doesn't fit into anything we class as stereotypically normal- gay, straight- boy, girl- etc.. The fashion industry has has embraced his differences and I think its open the door for may more (literally) PRETTY boys to enter the modelling industry and blur the lines between male and female fashion. If its ok for a girl to wear a boyfriend cardigan why is it not ok for a boy to wear a girlfriend one?

“I guess professionally I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation”