Good Friday

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So this is my first attempt at an outfit post basically because I have been super super busy the last 6(ish) weeks with interning in London and various other things. I have gained mucho perspective on the future and have decided my blog is a good way to express how I'm feeling and I generally do that with my clothing anyway!

Todays outfit is very lazy and is basically my cut off Levi shorts, H&M silver sparkly jumper and Primark plimsoles, ooh and my YSL rip off ring from Portabello market.. As it's Good Friday and I'm at uni I haven't really been doing anything (other than a house viewing at the far too early time of 1pm) so this is just a boring outfit.. hopefully they will get better! Also the weather is looking pretty grim so I'm just using that as an extra excuse.

Au Revoir


  1. love your jumper! such a nice outfit :) x

  2. love the ring! :)